Extraterritorial Application of US Law Questioned in France

Paris, May 31 (Prensa Latina) – The US threat to fine BNP Paribas bank for alleged violation of the US blockade against Cuba and other countries is generating rejection in France, where analysts and politicians question US laws extraterritoriality.

An article published in Le Monde daily under the title “Record High Fine against BNP Paribas: Dolar Imperialism”, described as astronomical the high sum of 10 billion USD imposed on the French bank.

“The imperialism of the green bill is not dead. It is today a vector of the will of US laws extraterritoriality”, says the text wrote by financial analyst Jean-Baptiste Jacquin.

He warns that the US goal is to impose its own laws on the rest od the world.

Former Foreign Trade Miniater Pierre Lellouche considered particularly shocking the exorbitant sume against BNP Paribas and said the French govenment should react.

The United States undermine international law by trying to impose itsextraterritorial laws to foreign societies, denounced Lellouche.

He said that accepting the blockade rules could only be justifiable if it would be a result of multilateral agreements among sovereign States.

It would be inadmissible for the French government to fail to react to such measures as the European Union is committed to the negotiation of a free trade agreement with the United States, he added.

L’ Humanite daily paper published an article titled “The Vultures Fall on Latin America”, refering to the US fine against French bank BNP Paribas.

The article warns that despite US President Barack Omaba’s alleged willingness to revise the policy towards Cuba, a plan against the Caribbean Island has been unleashed with the primary objective to maintain the blockade imposed for over fifty years, accompanied by an avalanche of sanctions against banks having relations with Cuba, like BNP Paribas.

A second goal, adds L’ Humanite, is to try to create insecurity and provoke criminal actions as shown by the recent arrest in Cuba of four terrorists from Miami, and a third objective is to increase the propaganda against Cuba.