We are a group of people coming together from different walks of life. Some of us have traveled to Cuba and were impressed by the social advancements accomplished by the Cuban people and their government. Some of us have family in Cuba or are connected with her in one way or another.

Over the years our committee has been active in various campaigns to end the illegal, immoral and unjust U.S. Blockade against Cuba and to free the anti terrorist Cuban Five. We are dedicated in bringing truth and knowledge about Cuba to our community and counter the misinformation and lies that so often is spread amongst us by the mainstream media and in various other ways.

Our organization was formed in 1992 under the name of Victoria Goods for Cuba Campaign and in 2010 we changed our name to Victoria Friends of Cuba. Our solidarity work has been non-stop since our birth. We have been able to host and sponsor many guest speakers, screen documentaries, begin letter writing and petition campaigns, do media work, hold cultural events, organize demonstrations and marches, fund raise, participated in 20 Pastors for Peace caravans and co-ordinated a number of them across Canada.

It has and continues to be an honour and pleasure to be in solidarity with a country that is such a great example for justice, peace and equality in our world.

We hope you can join us in contributing towards our solidarity and friendship work.