Since wars, invasions and occupations continue to displace, maim and kill people at the same time destroying our environment in all corners of the globe our committee has decided to reshow the film “Joyeux Noel” (Merry Christmas) for this month’s Social Justice Film Night.
We are asking all of us to bring some sweet treats to share amongst us and we’ve asked a couple of our supporting musicians to perform a couple of songs to began with.
We will also have a few calendars on sale in support of the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions campaign on Israel. They make great gifts and show our support for Equal Rights for all people in Palestine.
We hope you can join us.
Victoria Friends of Cuba


This movie is inspired by a true story, which occurred in the trenches of the World War I battlefield on Christmas Eve in 1914. 
When war breaks out in the lull of summer 1914, it surprises and pulls millions of men in its wake. Christmas arrives, with its snow and multitude of family and army presents. But the surprise won’t come from inside the generous parcels which lie in the French, Scottish, and German trenches. That night, a momentous event will turn the destinies of four characters: an Anglican priest, a French lieutenant, an exceptional German tenor and the one he loves, a soprano and singing partner. During this Christmas Eve, the unthinkable happens: soldiers come out of their trenches, leaving their rifles behind to shake hands with the enemy.

Contribute to:
Hurricane Irma Relief Fund

Hurricane Irma, with its destructive force, made its track through Cuba for more than 72 hours, from the morning of Friday 8 to Sunday 10 September. With winds that at times surpassed 250 kilometres per hour, it crossed the north of the country from Baracoa, also punished by another phenomenon of this type almost a year ago, to the vicinity of Cardenas. However, by the immensity of its size practically no territory was freed of its effects.
Called by experts as the largest hurricane formed in the Atlantic, the destruction left by Hurricane Irma throughout Cuba has been widespread. Accompanied by massive flooding, its sweeping destruction encompassed housing, communications, infrastructure, agricultural equipment, crops, and community buildings. 
Our Victoria Friends of Cuba Committee sends this appeal to all of us who has been in solidarity with Cuba to help in contributing towards the Hurricane Irma Recovery Fund.
To show our ongoing solidarity with Cuba we are now once again as we have in the past collecting funds for damages caused by Hurricane Irma.
100% of all funds we collect goes straight to Cuba in the right hands to accomplish the most with them.
If any of us would like to contribute please make cheques payable to “Victoria Friends of Cuba” write “Hurricane Irma Relief Fund” on the memo line and send it at 1584 Strathcona Heights, Shawnigan Lake, BC V0R 2W2.