Mexican Singer Lila Downs Rejects Trump’s Anti-Cuba Policies

The Grammy-winning artist joins more than two thousand people from over 45 countries to denounce the reversal.

Renowned Mexican folk artist Lila Downs has backed the message from the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists, UNEAC, against U.S. President Donald Trump’s rollback on normalizing relations with Cuba.

The Grammy-winning singer, composer, producer and anthropologist joins more than two thousand people from over 45 countries in criticizing the policy reversal.

The organization condemned Trump’s policies, as well as his speech announcing the changes as “antiquated, obsolete, loaded with falseness and stereotypes.”

Downs’s music highlights Mexico’s Indigenous roots, as well as the regional traditions of her native Oaxaca.

In 2013, she performed at the National Theater of Cuba at the Festival of Popular Voices.

Trump’s rollbacks, announced earlier this month, include the continuation of the economic blockade, tightening of restrictions on business with companies linked to authorities in Havana, as well as prohibiting “people to people” travel to Cuba.

Other changes announced by the White House include the possibility of auditing all U.S. citizens who visit Cuba to ensure that they have not violated the sanctions policy.