Fidel Writes Maduro a Letter of Support

Telesur) – Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro issued a letter of support praising Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after his party’s loss in parliamentary elections.

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro wrote a letter dated December 11 to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, praising him for accepting the results of the country’s National Assembly elections.

“I join those who have already congratulated you for your brilliant and brave speech on the evening of December 6th, before even being aware of the official elections results,” Castro wrote.

His consolatory comments came after the opposition won a 2/3 super-majority in the National Assembly.

In his letter, the Cuban leader also highlighted the historic legacy of independence hero Simon Bolivar, as well as the accomplishments achieved by his late friend and fellow revolutionary President Hugo Chavez.

Castro went on to acknowledge the important social and economic gains achieved under the leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), particularly in the areas of education, health and economic sovereignty.

Relations between Cuba and Venezuela have grown closer over the past decade, with Venezuela currently sending 90,000 barrels of oil a day at preferential financial rates to the island, as well as investing in the Cuban oil industry.

In return, Venezuela has received support for its social and educational programs from Cuban doctors, and other health and education professionals.

Today, well over 40,000 Cuban health professionals operate in Venezuela while Operation Miracle, a joint program between the Cuban and Venezuelan governments, has completed over a million eye operations in the South American nation since it was inaugurated in 2004.

Fidel Castro is recognized worldwide for his leadership during the Cuban Revolution as well as his struggle for Latin American integration.

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