Cuban Health Mission in Venezuela to Broaden Programs

The Cuban medical mision in Venezuela supports six health programs in the seven thousand consulting offices to, among other purposes, contribute to the healthcare education of the people, improving the quality in primary care and prevention of diseases, mainly non transferable chronical illness such as cardiovascular accidents, diabetes and arterial hypertension, which are considered the first causes of death in the nation.

“There are six prioritized programs which are the sexual and reproductive health program, specifically in its subprograms of maternal and child care; national tuberculosis control program, because of the high incidence of the disease in the nation; expanded program for immunization, aiming to increase the vaccine coverage beyond the 95%; vector control program aimed specifically towards dengue, chicungunya and malaria.”

Doctor and national vice-chief for medical assistance, Mery Cruz, reported that the plan aims to take effective control of pathologies in order to reduce risks and complications in places such as outpatient settings that are part of the traditional socialist network.

“More than 17 million people were treated in the peoples medical offices, while working normally. In 2013, we focused on the communities with extreme poverty with the creation of the socialists misions being able to reach over two million. Today we’ve gone as far as nine million, which represents 64% coverage of the country’s population. From our experience, we think we can broaden coverage and reach 88% of the Venezuelan population.”

These programs reinforce prenatal healthcare, environmental care and a vaccine system that prioritizes indigenous communities that live far from urban centers.