Fidel sends letter to TeleSUR on the occasion of its tenth anniversary

Patricia Villegas Marín

President of TeleSUR

Dear Patricia:

I could not let the tenth anniversary of the founding of TeleSUR pass without sending you this message.

Its creation was an initiative embraced by the unforgettable Hugo Chávez, aware of the importance of promoting Latin American integration and providing objective and accurate information, in the face of the monopoly of the transnational news outlets and the challenges that lay ahead. Deeply Bolivarian, he wanted transmission to begin on July 24, a historic day marking the birthday of the Liberator, Simón Bolívar.

In its journey of learning and experiences, there has been no important political, economic and social development in which TeleSUR has not been present with immediacy, objectivity and veracity. Likewise, men, women and children from diverse social, ethnic, and religious groups, indigenous peoples, Black people, the dispossessed and the most humble with their dignity and natural intelligence and their moving, and often heartbreaking stories have found a space on the channel.

I confess that I am a regular viewer of the channel, through which I satisfy a large part of my information needs. Our people, eagerly and with preference, receive the live signal.

TeleSUR is a trench of ideas. The dreams and the seed sown by Chávez will continue to grow alongside the commitment which saw it created as a bridge in the process of Latin American integration and the promotion of the necessary unity of our peoples.

TeleSUR reaches the most remote parts of the world with its message and form of expression.

I congratulate all TeleSUR’s contributors for their efforts and their accomplishments in such a short time, and you, in particular, for your brilliant leadership.


Fidel Castro Ruz