Cuban Medical Mission exceeded 62 Million Consultations in Bolivia

La Paz, Jul 18 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban Medical Mission is about to mark a decade in Bolivia with over 62 million consultations and more than 83 thousand lives saved, assured today doctor Niviola Cabrera, head of the group that is still working in the country.

Almost ten years after her arrival to Bolivian land, 730 health workers attend 44 municipalities of the nine departments, where they render 40 types of services with 30 medical specialties, 15 more than those rendered in 2012, when the one before last cooperation agreement was signed before Havana and La Paz.

Also, Cuban professionals teach in work education in six departments: Oruro, Tarija, Santa Cruz, Beni, Cochabamba and Pando with a total of 243 students under their tutelage.

Doctor Cabrera takes pride in the consolidation of understanding and solidarity links with the Bolivian Ministry of Health, in particular, with Minister Ariana Campero, graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba.

In that time, the doctors of the Caribbean island saved over 83 thousand lives, took part in 43 thousand 500 births and working in ten eye centers disseminated in Bolivian geography.

Beyond the figures, doctor Cabrera insists on the acceptance of the work done by Cuban doctors and health professionals not only on the part of the Bolivian population, but also from Brazilians, Peruvians and Argentinians that cross the border to be attended by them.

Cabrera highlights, at the same time, the priority that the government of Evo Morales has given health, above all, with the advance of building four modern institutes, over 30 hospitals and the implementation of the program My Health, whose intention is to prioritize the primary attention for all the population, included the rural areas.

From 2012 to 2015, the attention rendered by Cuba to Bolivia in the health sector includes medical assistance, pharmaceuticals, student formation of pre and postgrade.