Cuba: Fidel Castro Makes Second Public Appearance in a Week

Speculation about the Cuban leader’s health in the international media are proven wrong yet again.
The historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, met with military officials and civil servants of the Ministry of the Interior and the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) on Thursday.
Fidel Castro handed them diplomas acknowledging their work in food production, according to state media outlet Granma.
In “a lively exchange” with the participants, the historic leader talked about to the rapid growth of the world’s population amid climate change, the looming crisis due to water shortage, and international conflicts that had a deterrent impacts on commodity prices.
He also referred to the Cuban people’s political awareness, forged by the revolutionary process, which influenced the creation of high values in human beings. Castro had made a previous public appearance at a July 4 meeting of Cuban cheese experts.
Earlier in April, the former president, now 88, made his first public appearance in 14 months, backing the international campaign calling on the U.S. President Barack Obama to repeal his executive order that arbitrarily declared Venezuela an “extraordinary threat” to its national security.
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