Abel Prieto Calls to Struggle against Disinformation

Havana, Cuba, Jun 7 (acn) – We live in a society of disinformation, asserted on Sunday in this capital Abel Prieto, advisor to the President of the Councils of State and Ministers, at the closing ceremony of the International Conference “New Scenarios of Political Communication in the Digital Realm.”

The information society, although with more media outlets, is the most disinformed of all time, except a small avant-garde, pointed out the Cuban intellectual.

Prieto said that today the relevant facts of life are omitted or, when spread, appear immersed in the stream of the collateral, so he called to combat disinformation.

On the three-day debate on information and communication technologies (ICT), he said the industry of entertainment has contaminated the industry of information. The intellectual stressed the importance of this international conference and the great significance of the discussions and exchanges held on ICT issues.

As defined Abel Prieto, the debate was also cultural, hence the importance of all networks on the Internet to be carriers of new counter-hegemonic content.

The world is experiencing one of the most devastating crises of culture, with an industry that mixes everything, with or without value, a whirlwind; there is no hierarchy between the frivolous or the profound culture or the classical, he underlined.

Abel called to enhance social networks not controlled by capitalist monopolies.

At the meeting in Havana concepts and practical proposals were combined with a decolonizing view of the Internet and alternative programs of great emancipating usefulness were presented, he stressed.

Prieto said that the ICT reflect the main problems and contradictions of the real world of the present, the concentration of power in the hands of multinationals, the increasing abysmal inequality between rich and poor, the privatization of knowledge, the imperial vision of culture and the militaristic look that conceives the Web as a militarized space.

In that regard he highlighted two antagonistic poles between users of new technologies, those who have appropriated these tools to build, from different angles, cores of cultural resistance and which, in one way or another, are oriented towards human emancipation, which is the vanguard.

He referred to “a second group where we find those who share the codes and models of traditional mass media and give way to the amorphous hierarchical mixture, characteristic of the cultural crisis we live.”

In keeping with the spirit of the meeting, the recommendations contained in the Special Report by the meeting’s secretary will be submitted to the General Secretariat of the United Nations as an effective contribution to the monitoring process of the resolutions of the World Summit of Information Society held ten years ago.