Cuba’s Efforts in Favor of Food Security Highlighted

Havana, Cuba, May 30 (acn) – Theodor Friedrichs, representative to Cuba of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), praised in this capital the efforts of the Caribbean nation to ensure food security.

During the presentation of a report on the Panorama of Food Insecurity in Latin America and the Caribbean, the expert highlighted the role of the Cuban State in implementing social policies and programs.

He acknowledged the development of projects aimed at increasing food production, as well as the access of people to their consumption, with which vulnerable groups such as sick, disabled and elderly persons are favored.

He asserted that despite the effect of the U.S. blockade against the country for over half a century now, Cuba was one of the first countries that met the Millennium Development Goals, aimed at halving the number of undernourished people before 2015.

The FAO representative in Havana said that now it is essential to work on food sustainability, an arduous task that requires the commitment of all and the concentration of actions to address the consequences of climate change.

Friedrichs informed that his agency implements cooperation projects with Cuba, aimed at boosting the production of honey and pork meat, the rehabilitation of soils degraded by saline elements, and food safety, among others.