Cuba ’ s Participation in Brazilian Health Program Hailed

By Vivian Collazo (The Havana Reporter)

More than 63 million Brazilians have benefited from the “More Doctors” Health Program, through which Cuban experts are sent to remote and highly vulnerable areas, Brazilian Health Minister Arthur Chioro said.

In remarks made to the press, the Minister praised the
work done by the over 11,400 Cuban doctors that are
currently rendering their services in Brazil, the quality of healthcare, the commitment to the Brazilian population, and the compassionate and respectful nature of the doctor-patient relations.

“This is the first time we have doctors in all indigenous
communities, including the Amazon and other remote
rural areas, where more than 800,000 people have never before had any access to healthcare,” he said.

It is a reality all over the country; more than 4,000
municipalities with proper sanitation, added Chioro, who attended the Health for All Fair and Convention recently held in Cuba.

He noted that among the reasons why he came to
the event was the wish to share the positive Brazilian
experience of the More Doctors Program, which is
particularly important when it comes to primary
healthcare access, and to praise the role of the Cuban
health staff involved.

At the beginning, Brazilian professionals and citizens
were somewhat skeptical about the program, but today
the Cuban doctors’ work is largely recognized, the
minister sustained.

“More than supporting the health strategy and
ensuring the medical attention given, the program’s
staff contributed to a new form of caring for the people’s health,” he said.

Chioro also highlighted that Brazil is sparing no
efforts to opening new medicine faculties and offering
different intern jobs.

“We are developing a strategy in order to involve more
Brazilian doctors in the program within the span of 10
years; however, we hope to count on Cuba’s cooperation
whenever possible,” the minister commented.