Cuban Delegation in Washington for Third Round of Bilateral Talks

Havana, May 20, (RHC), – The Cuban delegation to the third round of talks aimed at reestablishing diplomatic relations arrived Tuesday evening in Washington D.C. headed by Josefina Vidal, general director of the United States Division at the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The decision by US President Barack Obama to withdraw Cuba from the US list of countries sponsors of international terrorism, which goes into effect next week, has created an appropriate bilateral and regional atmosphere to advance the reestablishment of relations and the opening of embassies in both capital cities.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry recently said that the progress achieved to resume banking services for the Cuban Interest Section in Washington also contributes to the negotiations.

The Cuban and the US delegations will also address issues relevant to the functions of the embassies and the role of their officials. In this regard, Cuba will insist in the need to abide by international law and the principles stipulated on the UN Charter and the norms established by the Vienna Convention on diplomatic and consular relations.

The US delegation to the talks is being headed by deputy secretary of state for hemispheric affairs, Roberta Jacobson.