Former US Spy Jailed in Cuba Wants End to US Blockade

Alan Gross is part of a fund raising campaign to support the normalization with the Caribbean nation. Alan Gross, jailed in Cuba for spying and released in December last year, as part of improved relations between the nations is now rallying in support of the recently re-established diplomatic relations between the United States and the Caribbean island.

Mr. Gross will be speaking on Monday at a fundraiser in Miami, Florida, to launch the New Cuba Political Action Committee (PAC), which will support measures to normalize relations between both countries.

The New Cuba PAC is part of a broader campaign that includes an advocacy group named Engage Cuba.

Gross’ lawyer, Scott Gilbert, also announced Gross wishes to travel back to the island on a trip to help promote a constructive relation between both nations.

Despite re-establishing diplomatic relations, the U.S. still holds an embargo against Cuba. Gross actively supports lifting obstacles towards normalizing trade, and recently wrote on his Twitter account:

Alan P. Gross@AlanPGross

According to the ITC, the US is losing hundreds of millions of dollars in trade with Cuba because of the embargo. 

In February, the former contractor testified in Congress in support of restoring diplomatic relations and easing trade and travel restrictions as a step toward increasing the flow of information to Cuba.

Ending all travel restrictions and lifting the embargo depends on action from the U.S. Congress, which is dominated by a Republican majority, hostile towards normalizing relations.

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