The solidarity that accompanies us

 The Plaza de la Revolución in the heart of Havana, just as every year, will this Friday see a deluge of tens of thousands of Cubans, filling this historical site of so many victories with joy and color, as they celebrate International Workers’ Day.

And just as has been the case every May 1st, representatives of the solidarity movements that accompany our people will be present, sharing their love and support for Cuba, from both near and far corners of the world.

How many thousands, from how many nations and organizations have raised their voices, their flags, their dreams…together with ours over these decades? How many unforgettable images of rallies and parades on each May 1st they have spent in Cuba, how many memories…?

In just two days time, 1,867 people from 68 countries, representing 192 organizations, who have already confirmed their attendance and are beginning to arrive in Havana, will head to the Plaza. While for some this may be a repeat experience, for many it will be the first time they see for themselves what Cuba and the Revolution that has defended the workers and the people, and which they have joined in supporting, really is.

According to information provided on Monday, of the members of trade unions, social movements and solidarity groups who have been mobilized mainly through the CTC and ICAP, 1,175 belong to 140 organizations from 28 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean; 571 are from 40 associations from 19 European countries; there are over 60 from Asia and Oceania; and 50 from 14 nations of Africa and the Middle East.

To date, the countries that have a greater presence are: the United States with 285 representatives; France with 209; Uruguay with 127; Chile with 121 and Argentina with 102.

For all of these international guests, an extra special feature this year will be the physical presence of our Five Heroes in Revolution Square, as hundreds of committees in every continent fought tirelessly for years for the freedom and return of Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René.

The huge event on Friday and the subsequent International Solidarity Conference to be held on May 2, will be opportunities to discuss new objectives in solidarity with Cuba: an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade against our people will no doubt feature among the more important.