May Day celebration announced

Working men and women:

Immersed in the fulfillment of productive commitments in each and every workplace to contribute to the economic growth our economy requires, we convoke the celebration of International Workers Day, April 1 through May 5.

The commemoration will provide an opportunity to move forward in tasks underway and take advantage of initiatives to contribute to the implementation of Guidelines approved by the 6th Party Congress, the objectives of the First Party National Conference and the CTC’s XX Congress.

Reasons abound to make this commemoration a celebration for every Cuban worker in every sector and branch of the economy. This is the celebration of workers, closely allied with intellectuals, campesinos, the men and women who create wealth, who day in day out make a reality of the socialism which united we are constructing …
…The Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) calls upon workers, their families, and the entire people to actively participate in the celebration of May Day with massive marches in plazas and avenues across the country, under the banner of ‘Unity in the construction of socialism.’
Let us recall, with all the resolve it implies, the meaning of the concept of Revolution, expressed by Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, May 1, 2000. His principles guide and will guide the spirit, integrity and action of our people.
Present for the Homeland and the Revolution!
Long live the Cuban Revolution!
Long live the workers!
Long live May Da