Fidel Castro Meets with the Cuban 5

The “Cuban Five” are “anti-terrorist heroes” who were trying to stop U.S.-backed attacks against Cuba. 

(Telesur) – Former Cuban President Fidel Castro announced Monday that he met with the Cuban Five on Saturday.

“The five anti-terrorist heroes, who never did any damage to the United States, were trying to prevent and impede terrorist acts against our people that, it is well known, were organized by U.S. intelligence services,” Castro said. 

The Cuban Five served as anti-terrorism agents who were sentenced to long jail sentences in the U.S. on charges of espionage against the U.S. government, when in reality they had been on a mission in Miami to monitor the actions of terrorist groups attempting to launch attacks against the island nation.

Two of the five men were returned to the Caribbean nation after serving their jail sentences. The last three were finally liberated as part of the U.S. negotiations with Cuba to restore diplomatic relations.

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“None of the Five Heroes did their work in search of applause, prizes or glory. They received their honored titles because they did not look for them,” said Castro. “They, their wives, their parents, their children, their brothers and sisters and their countrymen, we have the legitimate right to feel proud of them.”

The 5-hour meeting took place at Fidel Castro’s home in Punto Cero, 73 days after the three Cubans were returned to Havana.