Presidential Advisor says US Policy towards Cuba is Irrational

Havana, Cuba, Feb 18 (acn) – Cuban Presidential advisor and scholar Abel Prieto said that Washington´s Cuba policy does have an impact on the island, but it also bans the US citizens from having rich cultural contacts with the Cuban people.

During an interview with Latin America expert Salim Lamrani, Prieto, who was culture minister, said that the irrational, absurd and indefensible US policy of Cuba prevents the two nations from having fruitful exchange.

Barack Obama allows cultural exchange but not commercial links, which prevents Cuban artists who tour the United States from receiving a single cent for their activities, said Prieto who considered that the US people are missing a good chance to get advantage of contacts with the people of Cuba due to that absurd policy.

For Prieto, Cuba would benefit a lot from having relations with the United States and he noted that although an avalanche of American tourists could bring with it consumerism culture, all other positive aspects would be more than negative ones.

He said that many US citizens are eager to discover what he called “the prohibited island,” since Cuba is the only country in the world where they are banned to visit, as he recalled his meeting with a US movie maker who was once amazed to see a modern movie theater in Havana and the celebration of an international film festival each year.

The presidential advisor slashed against Washington´s policy that bans Cuba from purchasing drugs for sick children, while maintains constant harassment against banks that have commercial relations with the island, a fact he described as a big cruelty.