Fidel Castro Awarded China’s Confucius Prize for Peace Contribution

The former Cuban leader was praised for his important role in international peace and security maintenance.

Moscow, December 11 (Sputnik) — Fidel Castro has won China’s Confucius Peace Prize, praising his significant contribution to international peace and security, AFP reported on Thursday.

“While in office, Castro didn’t resort to violence or force to settle disputes in international relations, especially with the United States,” daily Chinese newspaper, the Global Times, wrote.

The article also added that the former Cuban leader continues to take every effort to maintain peace, even after his retirement in 2006. He met with politicians from various countries and contributed to the elimination of the threat of nuclear war.

In 2010, Fidel Castro prompted the US not to conduct military offensives against North Korea and Iran with regard to their nuclear enrichment activities.

“The worst [for the US] is the resistance they will face there, which they didn’t face in Iraq,” Castro said about the consequences of potential military aggression in Iran, cited by USA Today.The Confucius Prize is considered China’s version of the Nobel Prize, established in 2010. Its mission is to further international peace from an Eastern perspective and contribute to friendly interstate relations, according to the Prize’s committee.