Chilean Patients Will Benefit from Cuban Health Expertise

A Chilean agency signed a deal that will allow Chilean patients to receive medical treatment on the Caribbean island.

(TeleSUR) – A Santiago-based agency signed contracts on Friday with two Cuban firms that will allow them to receiving patients who wish to receive specific medical treatments, according to a company press statement released on Friday.

The Agency of Cuban Medical Services and Tourism (ASMEC) promotes collaboration with Cuban medical providers.

Health institutions in Cuba develop alternative medical treatments, said the statement, some of which are exclusive to the island. These include treatments for skin and eye conditions, as well as ailments such as diabetic foot ulcer. Other unique treatments include a vaccine against lung cancer, bariatric surgery, and neurological restoration of various types.

Cuban medical research has already developed four cancer vaccines, though these have largely been ignored by the media. The vaccine against advanced lung cancer was set up in 2012, and the clinical tests carried out in over 80 countries. Although it does not cure cancer, the tumors have consistently reduced in size, improving the quality and life expectancy of the patients.

The Molecular Immunology Center, located in Havana, also created the Meningitis-B vaccine in 1985, and later for Hepatitis-B and Dengue as well.

It also produced a homeopathic cure based on the venom of the national blue scorpion, and exported to 26 countries.

According to a 2010 Science Magazine article, written by Stanford University scientists Paul K. Drain and Michele Barry, Cuba had better health indicators than the United States, with 20 times less resources per capita, thanks to effective preventive approaches, and a pharmaceutical model that is not based on profit, as in developed countries.