UN General Assembly to Vote in Favor of Lifting Cuba Blockade

Havana, October 22 (RHC) – Cuba expects the United Nations to vote in favor of the draft resolution on lifting of the United States blockade, said the charge d’affaires of the Caribbean island, Alexander Pellicer on Tuesday.

Since the imposition of the blockade, Cuba has suffered losses of over one trillion dollars for the punitive measures, which have been condemned 22 consecutive times by the General Assembly. Last year, a record 188 votes were cast in favor of removing Washington’s blockade, with only the United States and Israel voting to maintain the measures against the island.

Pellicer stated that the blockade is an “is an act of genocide, violating international law, the UN Charter and the rules of international trade.” Even the right wing magazine Forbes says that “the official position is outdated, hypocritical, and counterproductive.”

The blockade of Cuba was begun by an Executive Order by the John F. Kennedy administration in 1962 in an attempt to overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

The blockade also costs the United States around US $3 billion in potential business losses, according to the United States Chamber of Commerce.