Cuban Humanitarian Aid Reaches Gaza Strip

Havana (ACN) – A six-ton humanitarian cargo sent by Cuba to the people of Gaza will be distributed over the weekend in the region, said Cuban diplomat in Egypt Alexander Pellicer who also announced that the island is willing to give treatment to the victims of the Israeli bombings and offer new medical scholarships to Palestinian youths.


The humanitarian aid reaffirms the permanent support by the Cuban Revolution to the Palestinian people, who have been the victims of an aggressive Israeli aggression that has claimed over 2 thousand lives among the civilian population, the diplomat told PL news agency.

Palestinian authorities thanked the Cuban government for what they described as a noble gesture of Cuba. They also said that the donation will relieve the difficult situation of the Gaza citizens due to scarce medical material and other items crucial for their hospitals.

They also expressed their gratefulness with respect to Cuba’s willingness to receive and treat the wounded under Israeli air raids and land attacks.

Palestinian hospitals and health care centers, which have been under a blockade by Israel, were overwhelmed since July and August due to the large number of victims of the Israeli attacks.