Palestinians thank Fidel for his solidarity

Hundreds marched September 2 in Gaza, carrying photos of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro, in an event organized to acknowledge Latin American solidarity with Palestine.

Called by the popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (FPLP), the demonstration moved through several areas of the Gaza Strip, with marchers shouting slogans in support of Latin America and repudiating Israel’s attacks on the region, which continued for 50 days.

The march was conceived as a celebration of the victory achieved by the Palestinian people, obliging Israel to accept a ceasefire, given staunch resistance and international condemnation of their attacks on the civilian population, organizers told PL.

FPLP leader Kaed Al Ghoul, speaking during the main event explained that the march had two goals. First to support the decision to lay down arms and, secondly, to thank Iran, Syria and Latin American countries, which have consistently supported Palestine.

Recognized with the presentation of plaques were representatives from the diplomatic missions of Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia.