Fabio, forever in our thoughts

August 4 – An event to remember, pay tribute and reaffirm revolutionary resolve, took place in the lobby of Hotel Copa­ca­bana, on the 17th anniversary of the death of young Italian Fabio Di Celmo, marking the start of the International Event for the Freedom of The Cuban Five and against terrorism.

During the ceremony, in which a floral wreath was placed by the plaque in remembrance of the young Italian, a moment of silence was held by workers and invited guests.

Solidarity and support was offered by all those affected by the tragic and unjust event to Giustino Di Celmo, father of the young Italian, who attended the commemoration, together with Decorated Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Fer­nando González.

Since that moment, 17 years ago, the Di Celmo family has become part of Cuba’s history. They “add to the 3,477 victims of acts of terrorism,” stated Haymel Espinosa, President of the Cuban Committee of the Families of Victims of Terrorism.

“This war unleashed by the United States against the Cuban Revolution as a state policy, has been evidenced throughout  history and is fully demonstrable through the multiple, political; military; economic; biological; and diplomatic actions, among many others, which have been carried out against our country,” emphasized Espinosa.

She also stated that the Cuban people will never cease in denouncing terrorism, and crimes such as those perpetrated in the hotels Tritón, Chateau Mi­ramar and Copa­cabana in 1997; and much less, abandon the cause of the three anti-terrorists still incarcerated in U.S. prisons.

“Today with us, are René and Fernando, heroes who like our people, continue to work on the difficult task of brining them [Ramón, Gerardo and Anto­nio] back.” Espinosa highlighted the important role of solidarity organizations in continuing the struggle for the freedom of the Cuban Five.

In addition to the commemoration ceremony, other actions took place all over the country under the banner of Fair Play. Other activities are scheduled to take place in 5,844 sports grounds around the country on the anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of our three brothers Ramón, Gerardo and Anto­nio 16 years ago, on September 12.

Also in attendance at the ceremony were Kenia Serra­no, president of ICAP; Mirtha Rodrí­guez, mother of Antonio Gue­rrero, and Graciela Ramírez, coordinator of the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, among other personalities.