Cubans Demand End of Israeli Aggression of Palestine

(ACN) – The Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) ratified its support of the Palestinian cause and demanded the end of the Israeli attacks on the Gaza strip.

A statement also signed by the Cuba-Arab Friendship Organization, says that the Israeli aggression has caused a hundred deaths and many injured, particularly children, women and other civilian people.

Meanwhile, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas asked Israel to immediately stop its military offensive, but Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu called on the army to unleash a land attack and keep with air raids against the Arab nation.

The Cuban organization also denounces that the main objective of Israel is to break the accord on national reconciliation signed by Hamas and Al-Fatah last April to hold democratic elections in Palestine.

It is up to all countries witnessing the massacre of Palestinians to condemn the situation of that nation, which worsens with these new attacks, the declaration notes and demands the UN Security Council to take action to stop the massacre.