Dilma Rousseff Praises Medical Program in Brazil

(ACN) – Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff stressed the national program known as More Doctors, being implemented by 14 thousand 462 medical doctors, out of whom over 11 thousand are Cubans offering their service in the South American nation following an accord signed between the Pan-American Health Organization and the Brazilian government.

The More Doctors Program is being implemented in 3 thousand 919 Brazilian municipalities and is benefitting 50 million citizens, said Rousseff during her Monday Radio show, A Coffee with the President.

These specialists are significantly improving the quality of medical attention in Brazil, said the president, as she recalled that the program, implemented since nearly a year ago, was initially aimed at providing medical coverage to 46 million Brazilians and that the initiative has helped reduce infant and mother mortality.

Along with the service being offered by local and foreign doctors, the government is looking forwards to solve the lack of doctors in the country by increasing registration in medicine schools by 11 thousand 500.

The More Doctors Program was implemented in tune with the demand by the people to improve medical services, Rousseff recalled.