Venezuelan Doctors to Study Medical Specialties in Cuba

Havana (RHC) – A group of 100 Venezuelan medical doctors will soon travel to Cuba to take different specialties as part of the efforts being made by the Venezuelan government to improve the country’s public health service, sources with the Venezuelan Health Ministry said in Caracas.

The doctors will take specialties, such as Intensive Medicine, Pediatrics, Pathologic Anatomy, Anesthesiology, Hematology, Oncology and others.

In a meeting with the doctors, the national coordinator of the community doctors program in Venezuela, Oscar Feo, stressed the recent setting up of the Medical University on the initiative of President Nicolás Maduro. The official said that the new school will articulate integral medicine as a regular course with other postgraduate courses.

The scholarships for the Venezuelan doctors are part of the Cuba-Venezuela Accord, signed in 2000 by Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez.