Sponsor of Terrorism in Miami Wants a Ukraine in Cuba

One of the sponsors of the four Cubans with U.S. residency who were recently arrested in Cuba where they had planned to carry out terrorist attacks, views Ukraine as a model for Cuba.

Manuel Alzugaray, who heads the Miami Medical Team Foundation, said in mid-March that the coup d’etat in Ukraine, where neo-fascist elements overthrew the constitutionally elected president, Victor Yanukovich, should mark “a starting point for Cuba.”

Alzugaray went so far as to allude to the riots caused by the Venezuelan fascist rightwing as “examples for creating solutions and, as such, in Cuba the rural areas, streets, squares, buildings, everything should be taken,” in order to bring about the long dreamed of change, according to a report published in the anti-Cuban Miami newspaper “Libre.”

Of course, Alzugaray said, that change would need to be supported by “external forces, like the Miami exiles, in this case.”

Not coincidentally, Alzugaray, along with two other known terrorists, Santiago Álvarez Fernández-Magriñá and Osvaldo Mitat, all settled in Miami, is one of those identified in the plan to attack military facilities in Cuba and foment violence, according to a note released by the Interior Ministry after the men’s arrest on April 26.

José Ortega Amador, Obdulio Rodríguez González, Raibel Pacheco Santos and Félix Monzón Álvarez said they meant to execute such terrorist activities in Cuba, traveling repeatedly to the island since 2013 to study and plan the action.”

As the note stated, the men said the actions were planned by Alvarez, Mitat, and Alzugaray, who maintain a close relationship with infamous international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, the capo behind crimes such as the midair explosion of a Cuban civilian airliner in 1976 with 73 passengers aboard.

This action corresponds with that already warned against by President Nicolas Maduro about right-wing Venezuelan alliances with the same terrorists settled in Miami who have sponsored people like those arrested in Cuba. According to experts, this most recent thwarted effort is only the most recent of an interminable chain of violent attacks organized and financed by the United States, which have killed or wounded more than 5,000 people in Cuba over the past 55 years.