Long-time Terrorists Comando Intend to Attack Cuba Again

Havana, May 7 (Prensa Latina) – The detention of a commando group from the United States that intended to carry out violent acts in Cuba, shows Washington’s double standard policy on its so-called “War on Terror”.

The Cuban Interior Ministry announced here the arrest of four Cuban-born U.S. citizens residing in Miami, who recognized their objective was to attack Cuban military facilities.

According to official sources, the accused have confessed that such plans had been organized by Santiago Álvarez Fernández Magriñá, Osvaldo Mitat y Manuel Alzugaray, all residing in Miami and with a long criminal record of violent actions against Cuba.

The plot leaders are closely linked to the notorious terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, whose extradition from the United States is being requested by Venezuela and Cuba.

Carriles is responsible for the downing of a Cubana Airlines plane in 1976, killing 73 passengers and crew aboard.

Cuban authorities have said they will carry out all proceedings with relevant U.S. authorities to investigate the facts and avoid the actions of terrorist organizations to jeopardize people’s lives and security in both nations.

However, history has proved the impunity these prisoners enjoy in the U.S., many of them linked to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

While the U.S. government keeps three Cubans heroes behind bars, serving long sentences for monitoring these actions against the island, Posada Carriles has been exonerated by the U.S. justice, and Fernández and Mitat only served short sentences in 2009 for storing weapons and ammunition in South Florida.

The District Attorney’s Office did not present terrorist charges against them, in exchange for the return of 30 automatic and semi-automatic machine guns, a rocket launcher, several grenades, 200 pounds of dynamite, 14 pounds of C-4 and four thousand feet of wiring to be used against Cuba.