Cuba: Unionists Stress Social Fight against Capitalism

Havana, Cuba, May 5 (acn) – Unionists from 30 countries would up the 14th Encounter of Trade Unions in Havana after adopting a document in support of progressive governments and against foreign destabilization attempts. They also stressed the need for social struggle against what they called the offensive by the Capital in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It was the people’s struggle that paved the way for the emergence of projects that favor the rights of workers, farmers, women, youths and minorities, explained the document entitled Declaration of Havana.

The text also backs Cuba, currently involved in the update of its economic and social model, and Venezuela under the leadership of Nicolas Maduro.

The 455 participants at the Union Forum warned of the current reactionary offensive taking place in this part of the world against progressive governments in countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

The meeting was attended by unions from China, France and Nigeria, along many others from Latin America.

Message from Raul to unionists meeting in Havana

President Raul Castro expressed in a statement that Latin America has not been the same for many decades, since socio-political and economic change has been made, as the process of integration continues to advance Esteemed participants in the 6th Our America Union Encounter (ESNA):

Urgent work commitments have prevented me from attending this important meeting of the Latin American trade union movement, taking place in Havana. Instead, I have decided to send you this message:

The complex international situation in which we live, where the crisis continues to affect the world economy, and threats to peace persist in many parts of the world, is no secret to anyone.

Our region has not been the same for a decade. Socio-political and economic change has been made, while different processes of integration, based on respect for unity within the diversity of nations, continue to advance.

In this new conjuncture, the role which the union movement and workers can play expands. Over the years, the Our America Trade Union Encounter has contributed to the unity and strengthening of union organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean. As you know, Cuba is fully immersed in the process of updating its economic model to construct a prosperous and sustainable socialist society, in which the population and its workers are the true protagonists.

I will take this opportunity to thank you for the innumerable expressions of solidarity with the Cuban Revolution, repeatedly made by the organizations and movements you represent. I wish you success in your analysis, as well as, in the objectives outlined by the 6th Our America Union Encounter.

A fraternal greeting,
Raúl Castro Ruz