ZunZuneo Reveals Fear of Cuba’s Example, Says Paraguayan Legislator

Asuncion, Apr 30 (Prensa Latina) – The anti-Cuban ZunZuneo project reveals the U.S. fear and concern over the validity of Cuba’s example to the world, says Paraguayan legislator Karina Rodriguez.

Speaking with Prensa Latina, the parliamentarian stated that the ZunZuneo technological aggression shows that powerful U.S. interests and those who manage international policy remain concerned about the significance of the island in the world context.

Cuba remains a beacon of hope for many people around the globe in terms of generating an alternative model to the barbaric and dehumanizing process promoted by world capitalism, she added.

The legislator said that the growing number of people in Latin American and other regions worldwide who defend the Cuban process, not only out of solidarity, but also by demanding respect and safeguarding international law is the most important thing.

ZunZuneo is a wake-up call and a demonstration that when processes of autonomy, sovereignty, liberation and emancipation emerge, the dark hand also arises to try to frustrate these processes and maintain the current unjust order, she said.

Rodriguez, Lower House representative for the “Alianza Pais” party, noted that the wake-up call should also demonstrate the importance of paying close attention, the better to confront new strategies used by Washington in these times to prevent the existence of free nations.