U.S. Violates Its Laws, Treaties with Attacks on Cuba like ZunZuneo

Panama, Apr 16 (Prensa Latina) – The U.S. government violates its own laws and all international treaties by interfering in Cuba’s internal affairs, something Washington has done since 1959, the Panamanian sociologist and international analyst zunMarco Gandasegui said on Wednesday.

In an interview with Prensa Latina, Gandasegui, who is also a researcher at the Latin American Studies Center and coordinator of the working group for Studies on the United States, attached to the Latin American Council of Social Sciences, denounced ZunZuneo, a destabilization program against Cuba.

President Barack Obama, he said, has not modified the plans against Cuba and its right to self-determination, which are already under way or in the process of development by various U.S. agencies.

The program ZunZuneo is part of projects that Washington is constantly preparing in its laboratories and, regrettably, the United States still manipulates the U.S. people with lies fabricated by its propaganda machinery.

Gandasegui noted that U.S. foreign policy has been consistent for over a century. The region or the country that has not surrendered to its domination is considered its enemy, and those dominated are regarded as “friends”.

Those looking for space to develop their own interests are subjected to destabilization policies and those who have expressed different objectives to Washington’s are victims of different kinds of attacks.

Some, he added, are attacked militarily, as in the case of Cuba in 1961, or by using “low-profile” warfare tactics. The latter has also been Cuba’s case since 1959 to date, and it is where the program ZunZuneo comes in.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has participated actively in the low-profile warfare against Cuba for more than 50 years, and the “mobile message service for cell phones” that the United States implemented in Cuba violates all international agreements.

Despite that, the U.S. government admits that activity with its accustomed arrogance that allows Washington to maintain the military power it has.

The Panamanian scholar and journalist noted that the fact that USAID is administratively attached to the U.S. Department of State does not prevent this and other governmental and non-governmental organizations to follow orders from military authorities concentrated in the Department of Defense (Pentagon).

However, he said, the United States knows that Cuba’s case cannot be compared to countries such as Iraq, Libya and others that Washington has attacked. On the one hand, the internal organization of all social sectors in Cuba would prevent the success of a military invasion.

In addition, solidarity from Latin America and the rest of the world with the Cuban people would be immediate and overwhelming.

Regarding the fact that it was USAID and not the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that carried out the program ZunZuneo, Gandasegui pointed out that it cannot be ignored that the CIA is working in other projects, and there is no reason to doubt that it was also coordinating this action with USAID.