Cuban Workers Ready for Massive May Day Demonstration in Havana

All Cuban 17 national unions, in different economic sectors, are organizing their participation in blocs at a huge march to be staged May Day at Havana’s Revolution Square, usual venue of main celebrations for International Workers’ Day in Cuba.

Along with demonstrations in parks and streets throughout the island to mark the 56th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution, in Havana a colorful and massive march by workers, farmers, and people in general will mark the international day.

Like in previous years, huge waves of people will walk down the streets of the city towards the Revolution Square to express their support of the transformations underway in Cuba to improve and update the socialist economic model.

The march includes workers from all sectors including the growing non-state economic areas, which are part and parcel of the changes.

While, May Day demonstrations in many countries of the world are scenarios for workers to voice long-standing unmet demands, in Cuba the people gathers to celebrate their achievements and the actions underway to further improve working and living conditions.