Cuba Has World’s Third Highest Percentage of Female Legislators

Paris, Mar 31 (Prensa Latina) – Cuba has made great progress in the struggle for women’s emancipation and is now the world’s third ranking country in terms of female members of parliament, said Mariela Castro.

Speaking with Prensa Latina, Castro, who herself is a Cuban legislator and director of the National Sex Education Center (CENESEX), said that female legislators represent 48.36 percent of the parliamentarians in the National Assembly of People’s Power and Cuba has increasing numbers of women in management positions.

“We have not achieved everything, but we are making progress in challenging the sexist attitudes that remain”,  she said, explaining that the struggle for the emancipation of women, undertaken by the Federation of Cuba Women (FMC), has never minimized men; to the contrary, it has brought important elements to the discussion, giving “everyone the capacity to change the patriarchal culture inherited from colonial and neocolonial systems”.

The CENESEX director was here along with a team from the Center, to attend an international colloquium on Gender, Culture and Society, where she spoke about transexuality.

This is an event that starting in 2010 began to be held in alternate years in Havana and France, focusing on societal aspects of sexuality, and involving psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, artists, and members of civil society.

Cuba has participated in a number of different spaces where it has defended the recognition of sexual rights as human rights, and many of its legislators include those prerogatives, she said. She added that her country has been developing campaigns for many years to promote respect for free sexual orientation and gender identity, with the State ensuring comprehensive and specialized healthcare for all.