At UN, Cuba Demands Commitment to Gender Equity

United Nations, Mar 12 (Prensa Latina) – Cuba called at the United Nations for all States to commit to gender equity and women’s empowerment, in order to overcome centuries of discrimination and open new opportunities for sustainable development. Only political willingness will change the current world scenario, marked by inequalities and with a particular impact on women and girls; the Cuban experience shows how much we can progress with governmental commitment, legislator Surina Acosta told Prensa Latina.

The legislator and member of the National Secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Women is representing the island at the 58th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), a forum scheduled for March 10-21.

“During our first speeches, we have convened to translate the agreements in facts and actions, because it is not enough that international instruments establish rights, or adopt laws, if the interior of each State has no political willingness to realize them,” she said.

Acosta stated that more than a billion people are living in extreme poverty, while half of the world’s wealth is in the hands of hardly one percent of the planet’s inhabitants.

“The most underprivileged and main victims are women and girls. Poverty has a female face. That’s why we consider that what has been reached with development and equality is insufficient,” she said.

In this regard, Acosta stated that the CSW has a challenge to keep fighting for gender equality and place the issue of equity among the priorities of the international community.

For the Cuban legislator, gender equality and women’s empowerment should be a specific objective in the sustainable development agenda, scheduled for 2015, to replace the millennium goals set 14 years ago.