Cuban Women Ratify Commitment to Socialist Model

Saturday, March 08 (Perió – Havana, General Secretary of the Women Federation (FMC), Teresa Amarelle, ratified today Cuban women’s commitment to the country’s leadership in the construction of Socialism.

During the final plenary session of the 9th Congress of the FMC, Amarelle said that the FMC members support the socioeconomic updating process implemented to contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of the model defended by the country.

For this purpose we need to increase the quality of the political and ideological work within the organization, taking into account the members’ contributions from their homes and workplaces, including those in new forms of private and cooperative management promoted by Cuba, she said.

More than 60 percent of the labor, productive force in Cuba are women.

Cuba’s top female leader said that the work of the Federation is focused on fighting social indisciplines and corruption, as well as on preventive and educational tasks.

Amarelle ratified the organization’s solidarity with all women worldwide still claiming for full gender equality and inclusion in their societies and noted that in Cuba our integration in all activities is a result of longstanding tradition of women struggle from colonial times.

She said this congress has helped identify the organization’s problems and potentials in order to assume as new work projections.

The national committee and leadership of the FMC – elected Friday – will be presented in this final session.