Silvio Rodriguez: We should Globalize Health and Education, not War

silvio-rodriguez( – Renowned Cuban singer Silvio Rodriguez said the U.S. should lift the blockade against his country, ” which has taken half a century to distort our reality and abuse the people physically and mentally”.

 To a question on whether the U.S. policy toward Cuba has evolved, Silvio told the Mexican daily La Jornada that although he is not a theoretician or politician, if the U.S policy against the island had changed, the blockade, which John Paul II described as immoral, would no longer exist. 

He added that it is possible to quantify the material damage it has caused, which already amounts to billions, but the spiritual damage caused to the Cuban people, the feeling of having a selfish neighbour who violates its rights, will remain long after those who suffered its effects.

The icon of Nueva Tova in Cuba added that the unjust sentences against the Five Cuban anti-terrorists imprisoned in the United States should not be allowed to continue.
Regarding globalization, he considered that this would not be bad if the public health and education were globalized, and not war, consumerism and cultural decline, which serve as wedges for exploitation.
Asked about his relationship with Mexico, said he had an immediate empathy with this nation. 



p style=”text-align:justify;”> It is the country, he said, where José Martí acquired the accent predominating in his speech and where he published texts in the printing house of Antonio Vanegas Arroyo.
He said that the same printing house later sheltered Fidel Castro, while he was preparing to return to Cuba.
He cited that he met the Mexican Arsacio Vanegas, the wrestler who taught self-defense to the Granma yacht expedition and who gave him massages when his back got stiff after many concerts.
Rodriguez also expressed his delight with pre-Columbian texts, the books of Chilam Balam.  “The poems to Nezahualcoyotl are of an intense beauty. A poetry that I always come back to is that of Sor Juana, whom I consider a foundational voice”,  said the singer in the first part of an interview that will continue this Sunday.
According to the newspaper, the Cuban singer will perform this month in the cities of Puebla, Mexico City, Tijuana, Hermosillo, Guadalajara and Monterrey.