Legendary guerrilla’s belongings presented to Cuba

By Nuria Barbosa León (Granama Intrnational)


Legendary guerilla Tamara Bunke (Tanya).

Cuba has received several personal items belonging to Tamara Bunke, known as Tania la Guerrillera, the only female combatant within the group of insurgents led by Ernesto Che Guevara in Bolivia, in 1967.

A former foreign minister of the former Democratic Republic of Germany, Hans Modrow, honorary president of the Left Party, delivered the items, including a uniform, notebooks, photographs and documents which were in the safekeeping of the German solidarity group Cubasí. They were donated by Tamara’s mother Nadia, in 2003.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 19, 1937, Tamara Bunke was the daughter of a German father and Polish mother, both communists who had sought refuge in Argentina, in 1935, fleeling Nazi persecution. When their child was 12 years old, the family returned to Germany, to contribute to the reconstruction of the country, devastated during WWII.

Hans Modrow, honorary president of the Left party, presents items which belonged to Tamara Bunke to José Ramón Balaguer, head of the Communist Party of Cuba’s foreign relations department and Kenia Serrano, president of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP), at that organization’s headquarters.

Possestions of Tamara Bunke donated to Cuba

During the presentation ceremony, Hans Modrow emphasized that more than 200 political and cultural organizations in Germany bearing the name of the internationalist, and said, “We are making an effort to keep the memory of Tamara Bunke alive. We have the obligation to struggle for her ideals”.

ICAP President Kenia Serrano Puig announced the creation of a Voluntary Translators Club which will bear Tamara’s name and presented the solidarity organization Cubasí with a painting by Cubans Daucel Valdés and Abel Morejón, featuring a silhouette of the heroine set among mountains and palms.

During a recounting of  Tamara’s life, Carolina Aguilar emphasized the internationalist’s dedication to the revolutionary cause and social justice, wherever she might be living, in Argentina, Germany, Cuba and Bolivia.