Working Sessions will Open Cuban Workers´ Congress

congreso-ctcHavana, Cuba, Feb 18 (acn)  The delegates to participate at the 20th Congress of the Cuban Workers´ Confederation will open the forum with a series of working sessions.

According to Granma newspaper national union leaders, members of company executive boards and officials in different sectors will hold working meetings as part of the first activities of some 1200 delegates attending the Congress.

The sessions will be hosted at different facilities in the capital Havana in tune with  different working sectors represented at the forum.

Unions with sectors of science, public administration, education and sports will gather in working groups since their affiliates are working in all these areas.

The initial sessions are expected to provide unionists with first-hand information on their working plans and budgets, an update on the current implementation of the economic and social guidelines adopted by the Cuban Communist Party, the management of material and financial resources and the state of ongoing investment projects.

The initiative will also be appropriate for an exchange on concerns issued by the workers in the assembly process that took place last year as the unions geared up for their Congress.