Cuba Suggests Concrete Actions to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons

4087-armas-nuclearesMexico City, February 15 (RHC) – Cuba has presented five specific proposals with practical suggestions on how to implement the prohibition and elimination of nuclear weapons.

During the 2nd Conference on the Impact by Nuclear Weapons on Humanity, held in Mexico City, the Cuban delegation declared as illegal, immoral and unacceptable the use or threat to use nuclear weapons under any circumstances.

Addressing delegates from 146 nations of the world, Cuban representative Rodolfo Benitez called for actions to urge states that possess nuclear weapons to immediately end their development, production and stockpiling of such lethal artifacts.

Cuba also proposed the allocation of an international fund, to be managed by the United Nations, which takes on not less than 50 percent of all military expenses, including those related to nuclear programs. Such a fund would allow promoting development and meeting the needs of over one billion people living in poverty.

Another proposal included the definition of a plan of action to immediately launch multilateral negotiations to adopt an International Convention for Nuclear Disarmament, which would prohibit and eliminate nuclear weapons from the Earth not later than the year 2025.