Cuba Decries Coup Attempt in Venezuela

maduroHavana, Feb 13 (Prensa Latina) – Cuba condemned today the ongoing efforts to stage a coup against the Government of Venezuela, including violent incidents that killed three people and wounded another 66. A communique released here by the Foreign Ministry also rejected the attacks at public institutions, the burning of tires and destruction organized by fascist groups, according to denunciation made to the world by President Nicolas Maduro.

The Cuban Government expresses full support to the Bolivarian, Chavist Revolution and urges for the broadest international solidarity with the conviction that the Venezuelan people will know how to defend their irreversible gains and the legacy of the late President Hugo Chavez, says the text.

The communiqué recalls that the events that occurred yesterday as the country’s youth marked the bicentennial of the heroic battle of La Victoria, are similar to those of April 11, 2002 that were part of a failed coup that was thwarted by people’s mobilization leading to a victorious Chavez’ return to office.

Cuba reaffirms its unconditional support to the tireless, visible efforts made by President Maduro and the political-military leadership of the Bolivarian Revolution to preserve peace, incorporate all the country’s sectors and promote social and economic development in that sister nation, says the text.