Ecuadorian Ambassador Stresses Cuban solidairty with Latin America

edgar-ponceHavana, Cuba, Feb 12 (acn) – Ecuador’s ambassador to Havana Edgar Ponce said that the solidarity shared by Cuba and Ecuador expressed the integrationist spirit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, the diplomat, whose country is the honor guest to Havana’s International Book Fair, recalled that some 400 Cuban workers are currently offering their services in Ecuador in the fields of health, sports, culture and education.

The ambassador praised the generosity of Cuba, which offers people from low-income families from different nations the opportunity to study at the island’s universities. He said that over 2 thousand 200 Ecuadorian professionals have graduated from Cuban education centers, while another one thousand of them are currently taking medical courses.

At the same time, the diplomat recalled that Ecuadorians are also supporting recovery efforts in eastern Cuba, which was hard hit by hurricane Sandy in 2012. he said the Ecuadorian contribution also mirrors the integration spirit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States and it is only a small contribution if compared with the support given by the island to other nations of the region.