Cuba Calls to Overcome Obstacles to World Peace at UN

onuUnited Nations, Jan 29 (Prensa Latina) Cuba called today at the United Nations to remove the obstacles to the realization of lasting world peace, such as the interests of domination, colonialism and social problems. It is not enough to desire peace or create agencies and mechanisms trying to implementing it, it is necessary to eradicate the causes that conspire against it, said Cuba’s Deputy Permanent Representative Oscar Leon, speaking at an open debate of the UN Security Council on peacekeeping.

Leon defended the urgency of coordinated efforts of the international community to overcome the dangers posed by the hegemonic and imperialist domination, acts of aggression, plunder of natural resources and colonial and neo-colonial strategies.

We must also replace the current unjust and exclusive international order, and find ways to leave behind unequal exchange, discrimination, xenophobia, interventionism and violations of the right to self-determination, he said at the forum.

Regarding social issues, Leon stated that conflict prevention must also involve the elimination of poverty, unemployment, hunger and inequality.

During the debate entitled Maintaining International Peace and Security, Cuba reiterated the importance of respecting the principles of the UN Charter and international law, which stipulate the sovereign equality of states, peaceful settlement of disputes and not use of force.