Cuban First Vice-president Stresses Significance of the Cuban Revolution

CaravanaHavana, January 10 (RHC) – The triumph of the Revolution has been the most significant event for the Cuban people over the past 55 years, said first vice-president Miguel Diaz-Canel as he recalled the victorious entrance in Havana, in 1959, of the Rebel Army headed by Fidel Castro.

During a ceremony marking the 55 anniversary of the historic event, at the campus of Ciudad Escolar Libertad school complex, former Columbia barracks of the Batista dictatorship, Diaz-Canel recalled the date and said that in that same place on January 8, 1959, freedom became a reality.

That same day of 1959, Fidel alerted the people that there was still much to be done and that everything would be more difficult from that moment on, said Diaz-Canel as he recalled that the Cuban people has overcome many challenges and jumped many hurdles, defeated destabilization plans, conspiracies against Fidel and other leaders, and faced the unfair blockade imposed by several US administrations over the past five decades.

Our people have paid a high cost in terms of lives and limitations as a result of imperial aggressiveness. However, they  (the United States) have not been able to weaken us or defeat us. They were not able to silence the example of Cuba, said the first vice-president.

Cuba wiped out illiteracy and turned army barracks into schools and set up free and universal education and health care, and it raised health indicators and the expectancy of life at the same level of developed nations.

The triumph of the Revolution, which was brought to Havana on January 8 by the Liberty Caravan is the development that marked our lives and that now arrives at its 55 anniversary amidst a consolidated process, which renews itself under the Cuban historic leadership, said the first vice-president.