In Camagüey, U.S. Citizens Express Solidarity with Cuba

Camagüey, Jan 8 (Radio Cadena Agramonte) – As a demonstration of solidarity between the peoples of Cuba and United States, a score of US citizens shared opinions and ideas with neighbours living at Puerto Principe block, in the city of Camagüey. The group was made up of schoolteachers, retired pedagogues and US university students.

Rick Moniz, who has been visiting the island over the last three decades and has been in its major cities, said that Camagüey is of particular importance for him, for it is one of the prettiest cities on the island and its inhabitants are friendly and warm.

Moniz also praised the revolutionary values of Cubans who have learned to overcome obstacles derived from the US economic blockade and continue building up a socialist society, a project they initiated 55 years ago.

For Catherine Suárez, who teaches Spanish at Las Positas College in California, the unity between Cuba and the United States and constant communication will make it possible to end the unjust measures Washington has imposed on the island.

Grateful for the welcoming the people of Camagüey have given to his delegation, Leoncio Flores -another member of the group- voiced his admiration for the islanders, who have managed to maintain a humane social project for 55 years now.

For his part, Juan Pablo Bello Lago, provincial coordinator of the Committees of Defense of the Revolution, referred to the key role the country’s largest grass-root organization plays in safeguarding the gains of the Revolution.

During the meeting, children and artists members of the Hermanos Saíz Association sang and danced for the visitors who could appreciate the rich culture of this Caribbean nation.