Fidel attends art studio inauguration in Havana’s Romerillo neighborhood

fidelbook(Granma International) – The evening of January 8, Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro attended the inauguration of Kcho’s Romerilllo Art Laboratory Studio, a non-profit cultural center dedicated to experimentation, development and promotion of the arts and human understanding.

Some time after 9:00pm, on this Wednesday which was also the 55th anniversary of Fidel’s entry into Havana leading the Rebel Army, the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution arrived at the workshop located at 9th and 120th Streets in the Playa municipality neighborhood of Romerillo and greeted the a

rtists and residents present, who applauded his arrival with emotion.

City Historian Eusebio Leal and prize-winning artist Alexis Leyva, Kcho, unveiled a plaque to inaugurate the Estudio Romerillo, with the presence Fidel, who toured the gallery presenting an exhibit entitled Lam, eres imprescindible (Lam, you are indispensable) which includes original works by Wifredo Lam, and one created by Kcho, El Pensador (The Thinker).

The “Kcho Estudio Romerillo, Laboratorio para el arte” additionally includes an exhibition hall, the Juan Almeida Public Library, and the Romerillo experimental graphic workshop.