Central American and Caribbean People Express their Respect for the Cuban Revolution

santiagoHavana, January 2 (RHC) Civic organizations, workers and activists in Central American and Caribbean countries expressed their admiration and respect for the Cuban Revolution, while media outlets mirrored the joy of the people of Cuba as they marked the 55th anniversary of their socialist revolution.

The Cuban Revolution is authentic and has its own identity, while it is based on the country’s history and values and counts on the full support of the people, a message sent by the Labor Communist Party of the Dominican Republic reads.

Representatives of the Puerto Rican Communist Party recalled that despite the US economic blockade, the Cuban Revolution remains an example to follow for the workers of the world.

Cuba is one of the few countries that has met the Millennium Development Goals, including the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger plus the achievement of universal elementary education, said Cuban ambassador to Guatemala Roberto Blanco, during a ceremony marking January 1.

The 55th anniversary of the triumph of the revolution headed by Fidel Castro takes place on the island amidst an ongoing update of the Cuban economic and social model, which was implemented on the island with the support of the people after the defeat of the bloody Fulgencio Batista dictatorship, which killed over 20 thousand Cubans.