The Roots of the US Espionage

By Urbino Amaya (Radio Rebelde) – 

The Roots of the US espionage

Long before the former contractors of the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden could announce the links between the US intelligence services and the main enterprises operating on internet, the espionage was already a systematic practice, even before the Cold War times when the agents of the Federal Investigation Department filled through monitoring services and surveillance methods thousand of people who were then branded as communists.

It was perhaps due to the force of the habit that the US espionage became practically a dark tradition.

It was during the Second World War when Allen Dulles, who was the then future director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), gained category as an international spy from his Swiss enclave. It was his prestige in that sense which he used once that conflict had finished by organizing plots, coups and invasions in order to favor the transnational enterprises and against the third-world nations.

The recent revelations about the US global espionage mechanism, its methods were analyzed on Tuesday on the local Mesa Redonda program with the participation of the journalist, Reynaldo Taladrid and some specialists from the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communications, Mr. Carlos del Porto.

Long before the expansion of the internet worldwide, Washington destroyed the most distinguished diplomatic protocols by having even planted cameras and microphones at the embassies of its allies and enemies which are located in the US soil, so it is an antecedent about a reiterated and demonstrated true in relation to the actions carried out by its doers: The United States does not have friends, it has only partners.

The appearance of internet came practically at the shadow of the US intelligence services. Its strategic origin is part of the corporation’s commercial environment and the powerful servers which are installed and even under strict surveillance by the US enterprises which carried out a type of symbiosis with the main US security agencies.

The Microsoft enterprise, which is the big enterprise created by the multimillionaire Bill Gates was the first in joining the net of espionage which is a service paid to control pf the flow of information that it is a clear contravention of the first Emend of the US Constitution. The complicity in respect of the violation of the law is reiterated in the granting of key posts in the computer services: the current chief of the Facebook social network is a former official of the National Security Agencies.

The great connection of wires in the US territory offers to the departments of espionage services an easy access. The section, for instance, that is located in the city of Miami controls the majority of the communications in Latin America; therefore, the emails, phone calls or any delivery system remains under the control of the US agencies.

David Brooks, who is a correspondent in Washington of the La Jornada daily from Mexico, reveled that the revelations brought into light by Snowden or the delivery of classified information by the soldier Bradley Manning to the Wikileaks network reinforced the images about Washington as a world gendarme of which is violations of its own laws affect the entire planet.

Nevertheless, the contributions made by the panelists from the local Mesa Redonda Program went even further when it was proven that the US espionage is not a chance or isolated action; on the contrary, it is an US governmental habit deeply rooted with which it is necessary to coexist with the responsibility to protect the business and defensive secrets of a nation before that reality that seems to have appeared from the incredible Orwell world.