Cuba Strongly Supports the Palestinian People´s Rights

Nov. 30 (RHC) – Over 85 percent of all world nations are in favor of the Palestinian cause as it was evidenced once again during recent debates at the United Nations, where Cuba again defended the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and to occupy a seat at the world organization as a full member state, which was the core of request presented by Palestine in 2011 but not yet addressed by the Security Council due to US pressures.

Cuba, which was president of the Non-Aligned Movement for two periods and now chairs the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States, has permanently supported and defended the right of Palestine to its
independence and sovereignty.

The island has also denounced the constant abuse inflicted on Palestinian
people in the territories occupied by Israel, which enjoys impunity under
the protection of Washington. The United States makes use of its right to
veto at the UN Security Council to prevent international actions against
the crimes being committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Over 590 Palestinian homes were demolished by Israel between October 2012 and October 2013, which led to the displacement of more than 900 people, while nearly 200 Palestinians were killed and some 1600 were wounded in the Gaza Strip at the hands of Israeli troops.

For these reasons, Cuba has supported the Palestinian people and promoted the recognition of a free and independent Palestinian State with the borders established in 1967. All these years, the island has assisted
Palestine by training their scientists, academics and politicians; over 700
Palestinian doctors and engineers have graduated from Cuban universities.

In 2009, the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmud Abbas visited
Havana, where he recalled that relations between Palestine and Cuba
flourished since late Yasser Araft was the leader of the organization.
Arafat and Fidel Castro shared solid friendship ties.

The two nations have signed important agreements in the areas of Higher
Education, Culture and Sports.

The Cuban Revolution which defends the fair causes will never let down the Palestinian people in their fight. President Raul Castro once said that “We will not rest till we see the rights of our Palestinian and Arab sisters
and brother recognized” and he added that “there is no other way better than dialog and negotiation to reach fair and long-lasting peace in the Middle East, which unavoidably includes the founding of an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its city capital”.