Military Drills Prepare Cuban People to Defend the Country

Havana, Nov 20 (Prensa Latina) – Cuba continues today the strategic exercise Bastion 2013, to raise the level of training and cohesion of all directive boards and military commands to face enemy military aggressions. Bastion 2013 began yesterday after Cuban President Raul Castro opened at 9:00 am local time the military drills, to be run until Friday, Nov. 22.

According to the also army general and president of the National Defense Council, the exercise will run rationally, and includes the participation of the people in the National Defense Days on November 23 and 24.

The president’s words opened the activities in all provinces, in which the operational dynamics simulate possible scenarios for military interventions.

The exercise includes entities from the Communist Party of Cuba, the government, the bodies of the central administration of the State, companies, units and soldiers of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the Ministry of Interior.

All these entities act under the Cuban defensive concept of War of the Entire People, involving the whole society, and ensuring that every citizen will have a weapon, a place, and a way to defend the homeland.